About Us


Our mission is to make an average person enjoy the benefits of today’s technology by providing excellent  technical support  in whatever they want and whenever they need.


We in Techpal365 have pride in assisting people who have liking towards technology but sometimes get confused with the technical terms. Some times even tech giants people will get stuck in fixing some issues. Our online technical support  team is happy to let them free from the worries of time consuming technical problems and make their lives simpler and more convenient,  thereby reducing the downtime and  providing more productive time or personal time. Our well trained and highly experienced techies in our support team makes problems seem much simpler.

We help in providing online technical support in setting up and configuration of a small office or home network with desktop computers, laptops, printers, routers and other connecting devices , streaming devices etc. for all the major brands.

We do assist in upgrading your computer, operating system, printer driver installation, printer problems, PC optimization, virus protection  and much more.

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